Hi, I'm Brittney!

I have been running SALT KURED solo now for 4 years & just recently I started hiring help. I do everything from creating, designing, sewing/crochet all the way to the photography, social media, event planning & marketing.

"SALT KURED" was named because of my love for my happy place. When things get bad, I head to the beach with my ipad & draw my way out my anxiety attacks. Those drawings then become the inspiration for my designs. The goal was always to find a way to take my "negative" & turn it into a positive. I want others like me to know that you can channel that energy & make something beautiful out of the darkness.

SALT KURED is a limited run company - once an item sells out it's gone for good unless I decide to bring it back or you guys keep bothering me about it... haha!

To those of you who have been with me since day one... YOU THE REAL OGs!

To those of you who are new here...